Your simplified guide for buying office chairs!

Employees often work for hours sitting in the same office chair. It goes without saying that you need the right chair for every desk in the office. Expectedly, there are a few aspects that must be considered, given that we are not only looking at functionality and comfort but also style and design. In this simple guide, we talk about things that really matter while selecting office chairs.

Start with comfort and support

The arc around the waist of our body requires support while sitting, and that’s exactly where the ‘lumber support’ comes in the picture. Ergonomic office chairs are expected to be comfortable, adjustable and should have lumber support. Do NOT compromise on this aspect, and most brands do keep some scope for lumbar support, which helps in preventing back strain considerably.

Adjustment features

Every office chair is different in terms of adjustable features, and you should seek a product that has at least a few of them. First and foremost, check if you can adjust the height of the chair. The range is anywhere between 15 and 22 inches, depending on the person using it. As long as someone is over 5 feet and below 6.4 feet, the range is just fine. Comfort is important, so make sure that the feet rests flat on the floor. The best adjustable office chairs from are designed to have maximum features.

Need for a wheel base

Unless it is a guest chair, wheelbase is an important feature to have in office chairs. Typically, people need to move from one side of the desk to another to fetch files, talk to colleagues and get other things done, for which the wheelbase is necessary. In case you have carpeted floors, you may want to opt for chairs that are specifically designed to minimize harm to the carpet.

Recline for the back

Executive chairs are expected to have a reclining back, which helps getting the right comfort while placing the back on the back of the chair. Back pressure can be considerably lower at about 130° of recline, and this is almost a necessity for people who have back injuries.

Seat comfort

The seat of the chair is also important. Most chairs are designed to fit an average range of body types, but if the product is being purchased for someone who is overweight, you need to be cautious of the width. Ideally, the seat should at least once bigger than the size of your hips. Foam is usually used for chairs, but make sure that the seat isn’t flimsy.

Material and more

In terms of materials, you have three very basic choices – fabric, mesh and leather. Leather chairs are more expensive for obvious reasons, and if you don’t mind spending a tad more on conditioning and maintenance, leather is the ideal choice. Mesh, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a lot of cushioning but is support-friendly and durable.

The best deals on office chairs can be found online. You can expect to get a wider range of products for the same budget, and it is easy to compare the features and other aspects. It is also a good idea to check the reviews of the product, keeping the features and use in mind. Before you buy, do ask for a catalogue from the online seller or get your relevant questions answered.