Your quick guide for buying outdoor furniture like a pro!

Smart homeowners know what it takes to transform outdoor areas and patios. If used effectively, outdoor areas can become an added space for conversations and family time. Designing such spaces, however, can require considerable effort, given that the balance between function and style is essential. Expectedly, the choice of furniture has a big role to play as how the area would eventually look like, and in this post, we will talk about what it takes to select outdoor furniture like a pro.

Start with the basics

There’s a reason why high-end brands like have a different and new segment for outdoor furniture. Anything that’s placed out in the open has to bear the brunt of changing seasons and weather, and therefore, durability is one aspect that you cannot afford to ignore. It may mean spending a tad more for outdoor furniture, but that’s totally okay because the investment is expected to last for at least a decade. Make sure that the material is durable, sturdy and has a finish that wouldn’t cause rusting or damage by weather elements. You also need to check if the product is likely to get affected by sunlight as many materials tend to fade.

Focus on shapes

Less is more when it comes to outdoor spaces. Furniture for the balcony or patio doesn’t have to be about complicated structures or designs. It is more about minimalistic style with focus on shapes. A lot of brands have come up withoutdoor furniture collections that are more focused on functionality and add subtle style to the area.

Maintenance should be easy

You will probably have just a few hours each week for gardening, and it makes no sense to spend the time caring for outdoor furniture. Make sure that you buy products that are easy on maintenance and care. Forgiving materials can last for years without any need for refinishing or painting. Usually, manufacturers will have a few instructions for maintenance, so check that in advance before placing the order.

Check what you really need

People love outdoor spaces because it allows them to get fresh air and have direct association with the weather elements. As such, it makes little sense to include a lot of things. Start by understanding the space you have in the patio, deck or balcony, which should give an idea of how many items you can buy. Ideally speaking, a few basic things are more than enough. Think of a square coffee table with around four chairs or two long benches. If you are planning to dine outside, a big dining table for about six people with matching chairs and benches is just fine. Ensure that there is enough space on the deck or patio to move around.

Play with colors

Since we are talking about minimalistic shapes and designs, colors can be used effectively to add dimensions to the outdoor space. Colors like red, yellow, orange can actually work with in contrast with the green plants and grass. You can also include more of white in the mix for that extra element of brightness.

As you can guess, outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be complicated but functional and stylish to match the standards of contemporary living. Make a list of what you would want and start shopping right away from the best brands.