Why Choose Oak Doors for your House Interior

When it comes to choosing doors for your home, there’s a great number of different options available, whether its solid materials, hardwood veneers, hollow flush laminates, uPVC, oak or MDF, new or refurbished, plain, molded – there is no end to the options available. Yet, the most popular kind of door (especially in the home) and creeping into corporate environments is oak.

Oak in its natural state, comes in a great number of many colours, meaning that you can choose a shade that matches your house and the rest of the furnishings in any given room. Internal oak doors complement everything from chairs, to tables to even desks and bookshelves. The usage of wood, especially oak, in household furnishings give a feeling of warmth and nature to any home, wood has a traditional power to invoke a friendly and welcoming feeling of one’s homestead.

Cheap laminate and veneer doors may look passable, but they won’t be able to completely replicate the look, and certainly won’t be able to stand the test of time. The strength and durability of a genuine oak door is definitely worth the money that you might save going for a cheaper alternative.

Oak internal doors are built to last and as such it is important that they are considered an investment.

As any acoustic guitarist will tell you, wood has the best acoustic quality in terms of tone and feeling, the acoustic absorbance in question makes oak the ideal choice. Oak acts as a sound barrier when they are closed, providing a noticeable reduction in any external noise. This is part of the reason that they are becoming so popular in office spaces. They also offer a lot of advantages to those who live on street level and want to avoid sound leaking into their cozy interior lives.

As good as oak doors are at keeping noise out, they are at keeping the heat in! Oak is a unique entity in terms of making the home more energy efficient. It is a rather dense material, which means it keeps the heat in during winter, and also fibrous, which allows excess heat to dissipate during the summer. Oak acts as a natural form of insulation, making your home more energy efficient as a great home improvement and saving your hard-earned cash in process.

If you aren’t sure how to decorate your oak doors, think about what they will be used for and the environment that they will be used in. wax is a good choice for internal doors, because it produces a nice long finished but doesn’t last very long, varnish is good for internal doors, however if exposed to too much sunlight it will crack and peel.

Another thing that you should think about when you’re deciding what to treat the oak doors with it the finished that you want. Wax treatment looks nice and preserve the original colours of the wood and varnishes add a nice shine depending on the tint they can add a good stain to the wood, bringing out the grain quite nicely indeed.