What are the 4 useful cooking items for the kitchen including Rice cooker?

You do not always know how to make the most of all the possibilities offered by your kitchen utensils. For you both these tools are essential. At first you start using them to learn and ended up experimenting with everything you could think of. And the truth is that they make your life a lot easier if you get the most out of them.

The oven

Whether you have a built-in or smaller oven, the uses you can give go beyond heating a pizza. Many times you do not put the oven because it consumes enough electricity or gas (especially if it is old) or because it gives heat (in summer), but you can optimize times to do as many things in just a short time, for example to when grilling vegetables fill the tray well instead of roasting only a couple of peppers.

Rice Cooker

You must consider that this type of pot is not only designed to make rice, but it is also capable of making other types of very sophisticated dishes. In the same way, the capacity must be known. This way you will be able to know if it is going to cover all the needs of the members of the family (both for large families, as for families of a rather small number). The capacity of Rice cooker is measured in liters. So you can get an idea of ​​how much 1L of capacity is in a rice cooker. You should know that you can make up to 2L of cooked rice. With 0.5L of capacity you can cook up to 1L of rice. With this capacity in mind, you can make the most appropriate decision.

The steamer

You may have an accessory for steaming at home. It can be a kind of bowl with holes, a basket that fits or bamboo steamers. Well, it is a very versatile accessory that can save you a lot of time.As in the oven, in the steamer you can cook several things at the same time. The vegetable is not floating in the water, but in contact with very hot steam and also covered which means that you can cook them at very high temperatures in a short time without fear of burning or melting in the cooking water.

Conclusion: Vegetable peeler

This simple tool that everyone should have at home serves much more than peeling potatoes. It serves you with any fruit or vegetable, including some hard skin like pumpkin. Use it without fear to peel the fruit that you do not like with skin, like apples or pears, you do not take anything and the cuts are thinner, you do not take fruit in front.It is a very essential utensil that usually ends up in the confines of some kitchen shelf. If you’ve done it before, you’ll think it’s too lazy that everything stays on the grater. To avoid this, put a large piece of baking paper on it, hold it with your hand and grate it over it.