Top Tips When Choosing the Right Key Safe for Your Property

Key safes are often used by those who wish to securely store the entrance keys to their property. These are convenient methods of access if you are unwilling or unable to carry the keys on your person. Still, there are several expert recommendations to keep in mind when selecting one of these modern marvels. What factors will you need to address and are there any additional tips which can come in handy? If you are not overly familiar with key safes, the information found below will prove to be quite valuable.

Where Should a Key Safe be Mounted?

The security of any key safe will equate to how and where it is mounted. It is best to embed the unit within strong materials such as bricks, masonry or concrete. This will help to prevent the safe from being damaged or stolen. Only use the fittings supplied by the manufacturer, as these have been specifically designed for the make and model in question.

Visibility Concerns

While you should know where the key safe is located, the same cannot be said for the general public. This is why it should be installed in a location that is not associated with a high degree of visibility. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can the safe be easily seen from the road?
  • Is it located at eye level?
  • Is it found immediately next to the door?
  • Does it clearly appear to be a key safe?

Answering “yes” to any of these questions signifies that you should change the location in order to deter theft.

Coding Issues

Many safes found within the home are associated with codes that remain the same for months or years at a time. However, the same cannot be said for external key safes. There is always a possibility that someone could be surreptitiously viewing the code combination; particularly if they are using the zoom function associated with many newer smartphones. It is therefore wise to change the code on a cyclical basis; perhaps every few months.

Why Choose a Professional Safe Installer?

It is always a good idea to work with professionals such as those at Secure Safe. Not only will they be able to know which is the right unit for your property, but an improperly installed safe could jeopardise its functionality. Feel free to have a look at our line of key safes to learn more.