Top Reasons Why Expats are Going to Love their Life in Switzerland

In Switzerland, one can be rest assured that no matter what service someone performs, they will be paid fairly for it. It is the reason for the higher cost of living. Switzerland also invests to a great extent in the education, health, and welfare of its population, which is why nearly all health, global prosperity, happiness, and economic reports put Switzerland at the top position. Moving to Switzerland from the UK is justifiable as there are many reasons that will make expats in Switzerland happier, some of which are explained below

  • The Swiss healthcare system is rated as the best in the world. The citizens of the country enjoy universal health coverage, and depression rates are also found to be the least in the world. Mental wellbeing and health is a vast determinant of general health. Thus it is no surprise that they require to spend a lot less on healthcare.
  • The economic stability in Switzerland which has kept inflation rates down, in spite of the economic chaos of the past decade in adjacent European nations. The Swiss currency till date is one of the strongest in the world and employees in big Swiss cities are amongst the top wage earners in the world as far as industry standards are considered.
  • Coming to the education, the Swiss are always in the front. Their key schooling system is rated as the top class in the world, while their science and math education and management schools are also rated as the best.
  • Switzerland is one of the safest places to reside in, with one of the least crime rates across the globe. Crime rates are so less that it is not uncommon to even see children walking alone on the road, traveling by bus or riding bicycles.

Thus, it can be very well understood what makes the expats in Switzerland happier and which is why they prefer to do so.