Three Wooden Flooring Tips for small space

Are you feeling cramped, cluttered or uncomfortable with your small space? This problem can be solved by using some intelligent wooden flooring Dubai tips for small space. The initial step of choosing a wooden floor for a small room can come with many challenges like less space to work on great designs, limiting between function and aesthetic concerns, right wood colour to use, the width of the hardwood flooring etc. In this article, there are few flooring ideas to help you maximize the potential of your small space.

Wood colour

Generally light, pastel wall colours make space look larger, but the same principle does not apply to the flooring. There is a misconception that dark wood flooring makes a space look small, but it is not true that dark woods should be avoided. Lighter coloured hardwood flooring can be ideal for most small spaces. However, dark coloured flooring can also look fabulous in small places which have good access to natural light. Also, dark woods can be matched with lighter wall colours and furniture elements to add a charismatic look. The combination of light and dark colours works like magic and prevents the room from feeling claustrophobic. If you wish to experiment with other shades, professionals from interior design fit out companies Dubai advise you on similar other colours for the walls.

Wood plank size

Wooden flooring is now accessible in different measurements like the standard size to wider planks. Designers use a type of hardwood establishment which incorporates parquet flooring made utilizing short, slender bits of hardwood. The plank size (including the width and length) makes a specific look on the floor. You can limit the measure of busyness in small spaces and wider planks help to do as such. Narrow planks or stripped planks do the opposite.

Fewer wide planks display fewer lines, and so the flooring is not highlighted visually. Stay away from numerous hues and consider the extent and endeavour to adjust the size of your hardwood flooring planks for the ideal look. Avoid multiple coloured wooden planks with subtle graining for different rooms in your space to avoid the stunning effect.

Wood finishes

Flooring agents will have different options to offer like satin, matte, semi-gloss and gloss. Your choice, the room’s interiors and most importantly the room size will make a huge difference. Matte and satin do not add much of glare to the flooring and they easily blend with the interiors of the room. Glossy finishes are generally used to create a dramatic appearance and are best suited for darker stain glass colours. It is not an ideal real option for small spaces. Textured flooring is an ideal of choice for small spaces as they give a soft look of wood flooring. This flooring has a small amount of rustically textured patterns hide minor imperfections and creates a more uniform look.

Consider the above-mentioned flooring tips to choose the right wood flooring for your small space. Always make sure that you stick to your personal choices when it comes to installing wooden flooring for your spaces. Light colours tend to add brightness to the room and wider planks help in making the space look and feel bigger. Matte/satin wood finishes create a more seamless appearance and make your space look bigger. Interior designers at Visualize will be right in advising the best as they have good experience designing and handicraft doing wooden floors. Moreover, all our plans are completely customizable, you can be certain of finding the right design for any home or office space, no matter how small.