Three Design Tips For a Room With a Gas Fireplace

 A gas fireplace should be the centerpiece of your room, but it may take a little work to achieve the full effect. You’ll need to think about the size of the space, the arrangement of furniture, and whether the fireplace complements or contrasts with the wall and floor. Here are some design tricks that you can use to make the most of this feature.

First Tip: Start With the Big Picture

One of the big advantages of gas fireplaces is their flexible design and how they can be placed basically anywhere in the room. This gives you a wide range of placement and style options including corner gas fireplaces, front facing, standalone, and tunnel designs. When deciding placement, look at the room first.

  • Units that are recessed into the wall are a good fit for smaller rooms, maximizing the available floor space.
  • Big rooms are balanced out by designs with a larger footprint such as corner gas fireplaces.
  • Take advantage of natural light and place fireplaces opposite windows or mirrors, maximizing the illumination.
  • If you have a big room with central columns, a large or tunnel unitis an excellent choice here.
  • For the most traditionaleffect, place the fireplace front and center on the back wall of the room. Some options come with simulated chimneys to create the most authentic look.

Second Tip: Think About Color

Gas fireplaces can be installed with everything from clean minimalist housing to bold granite panel accents. Each option will have a different effect.

  • For a very modern look, choose a style that matches the walls or floor, creating a seamless transition.
  • Contrasting colors and materials will draw even more attention. For instance, dark metal tones pair beautifully with crisp white wall.
  • For a timeless effect, consider fireplaces with metal or granite facing. This, paired with wood accents on the walls or floor, gives the warmest and most natural feel.

Third Tip: Accessorize

Pull everything together by arranging room elements carefully.

  • Angle the room’s seating options in a semicircle facing the fireplace so you and your guests can bask in the view.
  • Draw attention to the gas fireplace by placing eye-catching throw rugs in front of it.
  • Don’t forget about the space above the unit. Since the eye is naturally drawn here, this is a good spot for mounting a TV, displaying artwork, etc.
  • To give your room a new twist, take seasonal inspiration. For instance, you can arrange in front of your fireplace elements like wreaths, heirloom squashes, or flower bouquets. An especially beautiful option is a vase of glass beads that will cast patterns of light across the floor.

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