Things to keep in mind when relocating bees

Many homeowners are plagued with bees making their hives in awkward places like attics, in empty spaces between walls, on cornices and so forth. While most people call for a bee exterminator in Solana Beach to kill the bees, it is not really a humane way to treat them. The reason is that bees are one of the most important members in the food chain and they pollinate a lot of plants on which we depend for our daily existence. It is far better to call for Bee hive removal in Solana Beach so that they can safely go about relocating bees to a better place. Here are some things to keep in mind when relocating them.


The professionals involved in bee nest removal in Solana Beach know that bees are most active during the daytime. If the relocation is done during the day, many foraging bees will be lost. The best time to relocate bees is before the sun rises or after it sets, when the bees are safely ensconced within their hives.


Professionals engaged in honey bee relocation in Carmel Valley are aware that bees need water and plenty of it in order to survive. It can be as much as 1 liter/ day for a standard sized beehive.  Hence warm days where the temperature hovers above 16 degrees centigrade is best avoided. Instead, the ideal temperature range is between 7 degrees and 16 degrees.

Installation after relocation

When hives are installed in the new location, a hive stand is required to elevate the beehive above moist ground. It helps in preserving the wood and also improves the circulation of air. Another thing that is done is tilting of the hive towards the front. This will assist in drainage of water.

If you need help in relocating bees, ask for bee nest removal in Carmel Valley, Bee hive removal in Carmel Valley, bee control in Solana Beach or bee nest removal or relocation in Solana Beach and they will be happy to help you out with expertise and experience.