Structure your Church for Non-stop Growth

How do you organize a church so that it possesses an uninterrupted progression? There are, in my opinion, essential points on which you must concentrate when you structure your church:

You must Cultivate an Unshakeable Conviction of Growth

First and foremost, you should be certain that God wants growth in his sanctuary and doesn’t want growth to stop! You do not need to express regret, God wants His church to spring forth, it is His will, and it is His order. The reason churches need to grow is that people perish without knowing Jesus Christ.

The Mantle as a Pastor must Change

Up to 300 members can fatten a church with pastoral prowess and ministry skills. But growth beyond 300 people will entail leadership dexterity. As a head, you must liaise your vision in a personal/practical way. You must also learn to propel your church through your sermons by realizing that motivating a group is easier than motivating individually. A leader must prepare others for the ministry. Otherwise, you will run out, and your church will not grow.

You should Standardize around the Talents of the Members of the Church

The people God gives you will manifest to you how to structure. By being organized around the talents of its members, the church will be able to focus on ministry instead of sustenance. A donation-based service strengthens the working group. And it makes better use of the skills you have around you. (And why do you believe that God led these talents in your church?) Building your structure on the talents and skills your church has is going to promote creativity and enable spontaneous growth. Ministries are bubbling over rather than sitting on a meeting board, waiting for each skill to be hulled.

You must Add in Excess Seats and Parking Spaces

When it comes to building amenities, most churches build too small and too early. Then it’s a bit like a shoe that would notice to the foot how he starts to hold the place! Decide to build as big as you can, which means having more than enough seating and enough parking. However, you can request for comfortable church pews for sale to help accommodate the congregation.