Signs That Indicate Your Roof Is Falling


Your roof would give you certain signs to indicate that it is falling. It is essential to read these signs and take action as soon as possible. One can go for roof repair if such symptoms are seen or there are many DIY solutions for the same as well. Some of the signs are stated below.

  • If you see damaged plumbing vents like there are cracks in the vents or some other problems, then it is better to repair them as soon as possible as they can cause the roof to collapse.
  • If you see stains on the roof or ceiling, it is better to check for leakages as they can be the reason for the stains. Leakages can weaken the roof, further resulting in severe damage.
  • Shiners or missing nails can result not only in leakages but could even make the attic cold as it would allow cold air to penetrate through the gap.
  • Damaged shingles can lead to damage if not repaired soon. They can lead to leakage if left open for a more extended period.
  • Bad attic ventilation or clogged soffits can not only damage the roof but is also harmful to the whole house. It could release a bad odor if not cleaned properly.
  • If there is mold in the point where the roof and exterior wall meets, then it is better to go and look for leakages. Molds can occur due to water clogging or similar problems.
  • Damaged roof vents can lead the roof to collapse down any time soon.

These were some of the signs that can tell a person whether the roof is in excellent condition or not. It is highly critical that we take proper care of the roof as it is the base of the house. Proper cleaning and regular checkups for leakages can lead the roof a longer life. Leakages can damage the roof to an extreme level, and it is essential to repair such leakages. If avoided, it could turn into a severe problem.