Reasons Not To Drink Alcohol And Pick Locks

Anyone who likes to tie one on has probably experienced that moment of terror when they realize that they have misplaced their house keys. This is a common occurrence and as it turns out, alcohol is not the best thing for our memory. This can cause some people to turn into MacGyver and try to break into their own homes.

However, there are a multitude of reasons why you should never drink alcohol and pick locks. The following list is here to remind you of the dangers of this practice…

You Might Break Your Lock

In these instances, it is probably in your best interests to simply let the professionals handle it. Otherwise, you could end up breaking your lock with the locksmith picks and tools in the process of trying to pick it. We like to think that we can handle any task when we are drinking. Don’t allow yourself to become the victim of drunken hubris. You just might end up sleeping outside instead.

The Professionals Are Always Available

One of the best aspects of locksmiths is their availability. It is literally their job to be available to you during all of the most difficult moments of your life. Sure, it might be embarrassing to pick up the phone at 3 AM to call an emergency locksmith to tell them that you are in need of help. It is significantly less embarrassing than the alternatives that we are about to discuss…

It Is Better Than Breaking a Window

Being drunk and desperate to get back into your home can cause us to make decisions that we will soon regret. This definitely goes for anyone who is considered breaking a window or damaging their residence in any way in order to get back inside. Sure, all of your immediate problems might be solved but now all you have done is create a new set of issues for yourself. The last thing you want to do is deal with a broken window AND a hangover.

You Risk The Involvement of the Police

Let’s say that the police happen to cruise by and see you drunkenly picking your own lock. If you were them, what would you think? Put yourself in the position of law enforcement. Think about your neighbors as well. One of them may not know that this is you trying to get back into your residence. They just might end up picking up the phone to contact the police themselves.

Inviting Intruders Inside

If a potential intruder sees a drunken resident attempting to pick their own lock, this lets them know that the home is easy pickings. They will either wait for you to make your way inside before striking as you sleep it off or they will simply break in the back while you are struggling at the front.