Planning Ideas for Your New Kitchen Renovations

As soon as we are officially at the start of the summer season, and when the school holidays have just begun; this is the absolutely perfect time of the year to gather friends and family in the garden and make fantastic platters of food for all to enjoy. That makes the kitchen the heart and soul of every home, as this is where friends stand and natter away whilst you cook and pour drinks, families gather to plate up their Sunday roasts and many bake delicious treats. Kitchen fitters in Rhyl are on hand to ensure your kitchen is looking it’s best for these coming events.

When renovating a kitchen many of us focus on the style and aesthetic of our space, but not the functionality. This could be things as simple as what spot is best for the fridge or where are we going to place the bin? There are many practical aspects of your kitchen you need to bear in mind when designing your new space. There are many kitchens in North Wales, the North West and other places in the UK that are featured in furniture showrooms, to provide us with visual guidance on how a fantastic kitchen should look. Here are a few tips to consider:

Breakfast Bar Overhang – Depending on how much space you have in your kitchen, a breakfast bar can be implemented. These are ideal for kitchens that are integrated in the lounge, as they separate it from the living space but provide a seated area to eat or even work. To ensure everyone is comfortable at a breakfast bar, it is best to consider an overhang on your island/breakfast bar. This provides extra leg room which is a must for many.

Dishwasher/Sink Placement – For many a dishwasher is a luxury appliance and their kitchen does not have room for one, but for those who do have one it is important to install it in the right location. Firstly, install it next to the sink to avoid dripping water and grease across the floor as this is more convenient. Additionally, it is also important to place it close by to the sink due to plumbing works.

Recycling & Waste Bins – The location of your bin for general waste should be in a spot that is easily accessible, without the need to walk right into the kitchen. This is to avoid getting in the way of those who are cooking, but so those just walking by can easily deposit waste. If you have recycling bins it may be best to integrate these into cupboards so they are hidden away.

Additional Space – When designing your kitchen, it is advised to leave 1 meter of floor space between your two worktops. This ensures that if two or more people are in the kitchen at one time, they will feel comfortable enough to continue cooking, prepping or even just standing to talk to others.

Should you wish to renovate or revitalise your existing kitchen then do not hesitate to get in touch with your nearest kitchen designers and planners. These design experts are available to help you through the entire process and bring your dream kitchen into reality. From modern appliances to full renovations, there is no job too small, and home improvements in North Wales have never been easier to do.