Make Your Furniture Look Well Furnished With Furniture Polish Dubai

Where you take responsibility of all your house utilities what gets neglected is your wood furniture. Your old furniture may look old and worn out if not properly taken care of. At Hotel Furniture, we make time for furniture restoration dubai or else we make your furniture polish to make it look attractive that it was once. We are a company expert in providing good polish or restoration depending on the condition of your furniture. So let’s take a look on how we overcome this task so that our customers get an idea on how we work and what things we make use of.

How We Perform?

Before we start the polishing work, our experts ensure that the working space is well ventilated. This can be achieved by keeping all the windows and doors open. Because any dampness can lead to uneven polishing. So ideally during summer or temperate weathers. Although, most areas if properly maintained does not need any polishing work instead just requires furniture wax that will make the surface look well embellish. If your wood is not properly taken care of, then we make use of super fine steel wool. We also keep different variants of super fine steel from being super fine to super coarse. Type of Wood polish to be used depends on the type of wood furniture that has been installed. Generally, we go with #0000 super fine variant for standard furniture.

The Steps We Follow Are:

Test – Before starting with the refurbishment, we make sure that excess wax which is been on the surface is removed. At the beginning of furniture polish dubai, we test the remover by exempting the surface with a clean cloth and then dampening the material with wax remover. We apply this to the small area of furniture and pat it dry. This spot test makes sure that no negative effect is visible on the furniture. After confirming we proceed with the further steps.

Strip – Moving along with the procedure, we timidly wipe the entire wood covering with the help of furniture polishing service. We give it a specific amount of time to get dry so that the further process goes with ease. After drying, using a cloth we strip down extra dirt or wax. With a number of wax remover available in the market, we go for homemade wax remover. This will cut down additional cost and also the use of chemical will be lessened. By using half cup vinegar and half cup water we can clear all the stains and other marks present.

Polish – We glaze the exterior with polish minimally. We use polish in minimal because any surplus wax from the furniture polishing dubai will need to be erased off eventually after drying. The process becomes easier when wiping task is less.

Buff – After polishing is successfully done, we give time for the polish to get absorbed which takes around 15 to 20 minutes. After, buffing with the help of dry cloth we wipe out the remaining wax.

Now your furniture looks all gleaming and makes your house look more classy just like the time you first bought.