How to Take Care of Your Car During Cold Winter Months

The “magical time of the year” is back, with freezing temperatures and snowstorms. It’s the perfect moment to pack your bags and head for the warmer climates. The only question is – will you travel in the luxury of your car, or will you leave it in the cold?

Either way, your favorite vehicle deserves to be properly winterized.

Here’s how.

Conduct a Thorough Check

Tires, oil, windshields, heaters, radiator – you’ll need each of these components to work flawlessly if you want your car to survive the winter, and especially if you plan to drive it through the snow. The roads will be icy for quite some time, and that means that installing winter tires is a matter of safety.

The same goes for your windshield wipers. They are your eyes in the blizzard, so change them if you’ve started to notice a difference in driving visibility. Check your windshield wiper fluid as well, and make sure that it is suitable for winter conditions. Oh, and don’t forget about your car’s heaters!

Build an Emergency Car Kit

Here’s a complete checklist of everything you must have in your car:

  • spare tire, wheel wrench, and jack
  • jumper cables
  • basic tool kit or a multipurpose tool
  • flares or reflective triangles
  • flashlights
  • fire extinguisher
  • first aid kit

If you’re planning to travel by car during the winter holidays, these items are simply essential. Just to stay on the safe side, throw in a blanket as well, along with some drinking water and nonperishable food. Have printed maps of local roads and the surrounding area in case your phone battery runs out.

Protect Your Car at Home

Leaving your car at home? No problem, as long as you leave it protected from the cold and wet weather. The best advice, in this case, is to build your own metal carport – a sturdy and durable construction that will be able to fend off the elements for years to come right there in your backyard.

Alternatively, invest in a tent, tarp, or a similar kind of car covering.

When it comes to car care during winter, the less-known rule of thumb is that you should wash your vehicle frequently. Snow and slush, but particularly salt and sand, can cause serious damage. To prevent it from piling up, remember to clean and wax your car thoroughly before the winter comes.

Happy holidays and safe travels, everyone!