How to Make Your Home Feel New Again

Having a high-end looking house can be challenging, especially if you have tight decorating budgets. Fortunately, there are various techniques, even on a budget, that can help you achieve the high-end appearance you always dreamed of. Interior design experts have shared some secrets over the past few years that have provided homeowners with ideas on how they can change or make their home feel new again without spending more money.

From replacing kitchen doors, adding a fresh coat of paint and adding more pillows to hardwood floors and window treatments, these are the solutions every homeowner needs to know about. After performing these simple activities, the results will be a home that has additional visual appeal and a new feel. Here are three ways to make your home feel new again.

Update Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most used room in your home, which means that it is a shame when your romance with it ends. A kitchen experiences more wear and tear compared to any other area in your home, so the need to update it isn’t surprising. You can make your home feel new by upgrading your current kitchen, click to see more. You should paint your kitchen with updated shades of grey, cream or tan. Also, you could change dark cabinets to lighter finishes.

Choose black or white cabinets for a kitchen with modern flair. Homeowners on a budget can paint their cabinets to save cash. Add new handles and knobs in oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel to help you improve the look of your kitchen. You can also include the current lighting fixtures like sconces, chandeliers or overhead lights to help you create a kitchen with a contemporary appearance.

Choose new countertops in granite marble or varnished wood to provide your kitchen with a luxurious, modern look. Since most floors that were installed before 1978 contain asbestos, you should refresh your tired floor by floating the new linoleum tiles on top of the old flooring. You should complete your kitchen with the new faucet in a finish and style that coordinates with other metals in your room.

Maintain Upholstery

Regular home maintenance can help you to keep upholstery looking new for as long as possible. Vacuum your fabric and rotate all the cushions every time you clean your living room. Also, take time to clean spills and mend small tears right away.

If a stain has been there for long, you can still remove it with stain removers or hydrogen peroxide. You should treat it several times until it fades away. Be sure to test the new cleaning products on less-visible areas of fabric first to determine if they have any side effects.

Make Your Furniture Gleam

Polishing your furniture will also make your home feel new again. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your furniture, performing this simple task will make you wonder why you don’t do it on a regular basis, since the difference is amazing.

In most cases, the mid-century teak pieces of furniture are finished with oils alone. So, it means that rubbing in teak oil from time to time can suffice. You should also understand that finished wood pieces can respond positively to furniture wax or paste. Before using new products to clean your home, take time to go through the directions.