How To Install Radiant Heat In A Bathroom Floor?

Winter season come with many challenges, taking a bath in winter months seems like a hard row to toe due to the really cold floor. Most folks spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom daily, if the bathroom becomes warmer and cozier, it gives relief to the whole day tiredness. Heavenly Heat offers one of the fastest and least expensive ways to install a radiant heating floor in your bathroom. Moreover, you can install by your own by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Prepare The Floor

Initially, take a measurement of the area where you want to install the radiant heating wires. Consider measuring the parts of the floor on which you usually walk, it means that no need to measure the space that is under your cabinets as it can useless to do. Moreover, make sure that the electric wires are least 6 inches away from the wax ring of the toilet. Once you got all measurements, plan this on a graph paper and bring it with you for purchasing installation stuff.

  • Install Electric Circuit

You should hire a licensed electrician for installing electric circuit. You should use a 20-amp circuit if you are intended to use floor heating mats. After installing the circuit, an electrician will examine the heat mats to ensure no shorting circuits.

  • Install The Heating Mats

The next step is laying down the mats in a design that works best in your bathroom. Before placing a mat on the floor, put a thin layer of thin-set that helps to hold the mat in place. Then gently press the mats onto the thin-set and ensure a continuous circuit among all mats.

  • Recheck

After placing the mats properly, check everything again to make sure that the mats are heating the floor evenly. Beside it, ensure that the heating cables are little away from any fixtures in the bathroom.

  • Finishing

Lastly, the tiles are placed on the top of the heating mats. You can use stone or ceramic tiles for effective results. The linoleum tiles or carpet may melt or catch fire so avoid using them. Make sure to put thin-set on top of the mats, then you can place the tiles on top. Once you have well-placed the tiles on heating mat, you can have a feeling of the warm and cozy bathroom during the coldest months.