How to choose good kitchen curtains


Picking kitchen curtains demand special attention just like picking a curtain for any room in the home. Although the desire for quality should not be compromised for any reason, it is safe to say that beauty shouldn’t be your number one priority when buying kitchen curtains. That is not to say that you should go for an ugly looking window covering however, effectiveness should be your number one priority when buying kitchen curtains. To avoid accidents, your kitchen should always be well lighted at all times so picking a curtain that lets in more sunlight is the most important feature to look out for. There is a lot more to keep an eye on and we briefly highlight them below.

Choose a simple curtain

Your kitchen is similar to your bedroom. This i9s an area of your home that you have to yourself similar to your bedroom. If you have a high taste for aesthetics you may choose to decorate your windows with a flashy covering but beyond that, you don’t need to impress anyone with something extravagant. A simple curtain made of a good fabric will do.

Settle for a good fabric

The fabric used in making the curtain is important. A fabric that suits the theme of your kitchen will do just fine. If the color of your kitchen’ walls is grey for example, you may decide to go for grey colored cafe curtains to ensure a perfect blend. Picking a color that doesn’t blend well with the walls won’t make for a good appearance.

Be Careful on Maintenance

Many homeowners make the mistake of buying very attractive curtains that tick all the boxes but are hard to maintain. If the curtain you choose is hard to maintain, in no time you will fall out of love for it as stains and dirt will smear the appearance. Only go for a curtain that is easy to lose and wash. Thinner and light fabrics are easy to wash so you may want to go for one with such a fabric.

Fire Resistant Materials

Many fire outbreaks start from kitchens due to multiple reasons. Since you cook with fire most of the time, it is advisable that you keep combustible materials out of the kitchen including highly flammable fabrics. To ensure safety, only buy curtains that are made from fire resistant materials like synthetic materials. A fabric that burns slowly or doesn’t burn at all is much better for your kitchen.

You can improve the appearance of your kitchen by installing kitchen curtains made with a simple but attractive fabrics. Your kitchen needs to be well lighted at all times and allowing sufficient sunlight in is the only way you are going to be able to save energy cost during the day.