Hotel Cleaning Cart Guide for Hoteliers

Hotel cleaning carts – also referred to as room attendant’s or housekeeper’s trolleys — are used to stock all the requisite guest supplies according to the allotted number of rooms. These trollies are essential to the operations of the housekeeping department as they help hotel workers effectively perform their duties. Every hotel, as we all know, must be equipped with hotel cleaning carts to help the housekeeping staff clean hotel rooms easily.

As a housekeeping tool, a hotel cleaning cart should be very effective. You should bank on the cart’s ability to carry and accommodate vast amounts of equipment and supplies. Hotel cleaning carts are stored in the linen room along with other housekeeping equipment and supplies. Generally, hotel cleaning carts are handled by the housekeeping staff and cleaners. This group of workers is responsible for the hotel carts, i.e. the cleaning and proper maintenance of the carts.

Types of Hotel Carts

Every hotel must have a hotel cleaning cart — or several of them. These pieces of equipment are necessary for keeping the hotel rooms as well as other spaces clean and tidy. There are several types of hotel cleaning carts to choose from, of course, depending on factors such as how much you want to spend on a hotel cleaning cart. The key factor to consider when choosing a housekeeping cart is the material. Common hotel cleaning cart materials include:

  • Plastic. Plastic housekeeping carts are common. Those who choose plastic cart do it because they are lighter and do not get rusty.
  • Steel. Steel hotel cleaning carts are popular for their durability. Steel is a strong material, and it’s cheap hence the popularity of steel hotel cleaning carts.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum is the most preferred material when it comes to housekeeping carts, mostly for its strength and lightness. You’ll mostly find aluminum hotel cleaning carts in high-end or high-star hotels.

Wood can also be used to make hotel cleaning carts, but wood carts are not as common today. Each type of material has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, so look carefully before you choose. Aluminum is the ideal material for a housekeeping cart in a hotel setting. Aluminum hotel cleaning carts are lighter and look high-class. Hotel cleaning carts made from aluminum also tend to be very durable, making it a worthwhile investment. However, aluminum hotel cleaning carts tend to be expensive.

For smaller hotels that lack the financial resources or simply don’t want to invest too much in this equipment, a steel cart may suffice. It’s cheaper and strong enough. Plastic hotel cleaning carts are also an option for hotels that are running on a budget. They are incredibly lightweight and you don’t have to worry about rust (a common problem in metallic hotel cleaning carts).