Eliminate the Humidity of your Home Definitively.

When the humidity appears in a house, you tend to think that everything is lost, that you will have to live with that problem for the rest of your life or that you will have to start with works, renovations, dust, disorder without really knowing if it will be solved the problem.

Here, we propose that the first thing that must be done to solve this problem is to know what kind of humidity we are talking about. Thus, 4 types can be differentiated:

Capillary Moisture: they appear in the lower areas of homes and are produced because water is absorbed from the foundations.

  • Moisture by Condensation: present in walls and ceilings. They are usually black, green or whitish.
  • Moisture by Filtration: usually appear on the walls that face the outside, leaving puddles and yellow spots and can even cause detachments of walls and ceilings, more evidently if your house has a flat roof that was constructed by an amateur.
  • Humidity by Work: if the materials are not allowed to dry during work, it is possible that future problems appear. It is important that each material has its time to move forward in the construction of a home.

The effects of humidity go beyond the aesthetic since they also mean the appearance of fungi harmful to the health of the whole family, especially if a member suffers from allergies.

Top contractors use a new and effective system because we want that humidity is no longer a problem for any home.

There might be a need to go to your house to analyze the type of humidity and propose the best solution. After the rehabilitation, will not have problems of moisture.

Meanwhile, we leave a few tricks:

  • Attack the Problem from the Beginning: review the walls with good insulation and an antifungal that helps prevent
  • Impossible Unions: avoid humidities, dust, heat, and lack of light in your house. Problems insured.
  • Air your Home: make sure that there is always an air current in your house, it will prevent the appearance of humidity and purify the environment.