Efficient and reliable pest control service in Idaho

Infestation by pests such as termites, bugs, cockroaches and other kinds of insects and rodents not only damage the property but also has a detrimental effect on the health of the inhabitants. Large scale infestation by pests cannot be overcome by DIY methods and requires professional expertise. People residing in Mountain Home area of Idaho can enlist the services of Barrier Pest Control.

Barrier Pest Control is a professional pest control company specialising in eliminating all kinds of pests from properties. Some features of the services have been mentioned here.

Pests covered

The various types of pests eliminated by the pest control professionals are as follows.

  • Common treasure valley ants, pavement ants causing damage to floors and walls, harvester ants causing damage to rooftops and chimneys and carpenter ants causing damage to the integrity of the building are eliminated by the pest control company. A bait is placed which the worker ants consume and also take it to the queen ant and young ants. The bait kills the whole colony of the ants.
  • Bed bugs bite humans and animals especially at night. Bed bugs multiply swiftly and usually inhabit mattresses, cracks, crevices, carpets, under doors, etc. The pest control company provides effective and long term treatment of bed bugs.
  • Infestation by houseflies lead to many diseases such as dysentry and food poisoning because houseflies are carriers of pathogens. Houseflies also contaminate food which is very unhygienic for humans. Safe and effective methods are used to kill the houseflies.
  • A plethora of rodents are eliminated by the pest control professionals of the company. These include common house mice, deer mice, gophers, voles, etc. Each kind of rodent has a different characteristic and burrowing places requiring specific methods for elimination. Measures are also suggested by the professionals to avoid rodent problems in the future.
  • Cockroach is a common household pest in mountain home area. Many kinds of cockroaches such as American, brown branded and German brown cockroaches commonly infest households. Thorough pest control methods are used for long term eradication of cockroaches. Cockroaches multiply very swiftly and need to be eliminated as soon as possible.
  • Many types of dangerous spiders are found in mountain home area. For example, Black widow spider has a venomous bite which is one of the most toxic among all spiders. Another example is Hobo spider. Its bite results in tissue death around the bite mark. The pest control company offers regular treatments to prevent spiders from making their webs in homes and offices.
  • Treatments are done to eliminate a host of stinging insects such as paper wasps, honey bees, yellow jackets and hornets. The bites of these insects are very painful and dangerous for health. Thus, it is essential to keep away such insects from properties.

Licensed and Insured

Barrier Pest Control is a licensed and insured Mountain Home, ID pest control company. This means that the company has the necessary license from the Idaho Department of Agriculture to carry out pest control and the technicians of the company are insured against mishaps.

Trained technicians and safe products

The pest control professionals deployed by the company are well trained in every aspect of pest control for any type of pest. The products used for pest control are safe for the family and pets residing in the property. The property is also not damaged in any way during pest control.