Do you Need a Building Authorization to Renovate your Home?

If you’re planning to renovate your home, be it a conversion, modification of different part of a building such as a roof which will require experienced contractors like the metal roofing contractors or expansion, it is important to examine with your municipality if this project necessitates a building authorization. In this way, the municipality will be able to ensure the conformity of the work that will be done, depending on the regulations of your zoning. Because we like to simplify your life by explaining things in detail, this article is full of good information on building permits in the case of a home renovation.

It will be simple for you to ascertain whether you require a building authorization. If so, we explain everything about the permit application, the relative costs and the risk of a fine in case of non-compliance with the regulations!

Work where a Building Authorization is not Required

A building authorization is not required for all repair or maintenance work, here is a non-comprehensive list of work that doesn’t require a permit:

  • The installment of a fence;
  • Replacement of the cladding on walls or ceilings;
  • The renewal of your interior doors;
  • The change in kitchen cabinets or bathroom;
  • Refurbishment of a sink or sink (provided the piping configuration is not modified);
  • Maintenance or repair of your balcony, your steps, and your stairs.

A Building Permit for Renovation Work

One of the main objectives of a construction license is to ensure that your renovation project meets the least standards of the building code for your safety and that of your neighbors. For this basis, you will need to produce all the required information and documents defining your project.

If it meets the quality set by the municipality, then a building authorization will be issued in the days following the arrangement of your application. It will be important during the works to display this authorization prominently on your site as municipal inspectors may pass at whenever to verify that the work is executed in confirmation with the plans obtainable.

You may be declined a permit if your project does not meet the demand of the municipal by-law, or if you don’t provide the requested documents. So be sure to educate yourself and be rigorous in the constitution of your file!