Coastal Curb Appeal: 4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Your home should be a healing space — a placewhere you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. And what better place to heal than on the beach? That could be why coastal decor is all the rage these days. And it doesn’t seem to be losing its appeal anytime soon.

Perhaps it’s the way the soothing shades of blues and greens relax our minds. Or maybe it’s just the feeling it gives us of being near the ocean. But whether you live by the shore or out in the country, you can add coastal flare to your home without any judgment from the pros. And if you are going to redecorate (or just spruce up your home), don’t forget to extend the look to the exterior by doing these four things.

Update your siding

A popular look for beach houses is shingled siding. This is because cedar holds up to the moisture of the salty sea air better than most other woods. So, if you’re looking to go all out and it’s time to update your exterior anyway, consider this classic look. And if you’re not sure what look would work best for your house, check with a siding contractor in Randolph, NJ for a consultation.

However, you certainly don’t have to go that far if you’d just like a little touch of the classic beachfront. You can opt instead for a paint job in stormy coastal blues or dark mossy greens. And be sure to frame it with crisp white trim.

Make your front porch inviting

Coastal living is all about spending time outside in the cool ocean breeze. Consider extending your front porch to add more outdoor seating and match some of the beautiful beach houses you might find along the shorefront. You can hire contractors or rent out some material handling equipment in New Jersey if you can handle doing the job yourself.

There are many types of seating you can choose that fit in well on a coastal porch. You can choose bulky white rockers, Adirondack chairs, or even hanging wooden porch swings adorned with wide-striped pillows. Finish the look off with a tropicalplant or two and maybe some hanging lantern light fixtures.

Accentuate the windows

You’ll find find shutters on the windows of many coastal homes to help protect their windows from tropical winds and storms. And while yours don’t have to be functional, flanking your front windows with cute white shutters completes the look nicely. However, if it’s well past time to replace your windows, you may not want to draw attention to them. In this case, it’s better to first install some energy efficient windows in New Jersey before adding any coastal touches.

Bulk up the trim

For many coastal homes, what stands out most is their bulky trim and moldings. A lot of times, you can even do this without removing the existing trim. Often, a piece can be added underneath and then it can all be painted white to blend together. This gives you a similar look to crown molding. Just remember to keep the design simple — coastal design is all about crisp, clean lines and simple designs.

Most of these ideas are suitable for homeowners, but even if you rent, you can spruce up your apartment with comfortable coastal seating, colorful potted plants, and fun beach accents. Since these are mostly smaller household objects, check with your agent about purchasing renters insurance in New Jersey to make sure that you’re protected from theft or fire.