Apartments for Sale in Colwyn Bay with It All

The View Apartments for Sale in Colwyn Bay are the very best of the best of the luxury properties available in North Wales, and offers a truly unique position on the clifftops of Old Colwyn. Whether you’re looking at the build quality, the attention to detail throughout the building, or even the exceptional location that this development takes up – we would advise registering your interest quickly for the fact that this development, for certain, is not something that can very easily be replicated.

The Luxury Lifestyle Blog has made its glowing praise of The View very apparent, and we find ourselves in agreement. The View is easily one of the biggest and best investment opportunities in the North Wales area, and whether you plan to live in this development throughout the year,

Located on the iconic hotel 70 Degrees site, these wonderfully luxurious apartments for sale in Colwyn Bay give something which is well and truly special to each and every inhabitant. When you live at The View, you’ll have of the best views in the entire North Wales area, as well as excellent build quality throughout the development. We’re certain, above all other developments in North Wales, you’ll be delighted with this investment for years to come.

What’s most important when you look for a new home? Is it an excellent position where Manchester, Chester and Liverpool are close by? Is it far-reaching, panoramic views that you simply won’t get anywhere else? Is it an excellent build quality?

The View by Blue Bay Homes gives you all of this, and so much more. There’s no compromise with this stunning development, and whatever floats your boat when it comes to your dream home, we’re sure that this development is for you.

The View by Blue Bay Homes is well and truly one of a kind – where you can get the best of everything – build quality, location, and design, as well as stunning views which are well and truly gorgeous no matter the time of year. Even The Views with this development are varied. There’s the sea, of course, but there are other views to be mad, such as the rolling hills of the Snowdonia region.

These pretty and very spacious apartments for sale in Colwyn Bay give you excellent build quality, by a reputable, honest, small developer, as well as a vantage which we’re certain is one of the very best views in the whole of wales.

The whole of the pretty bay of Colwyn is your view, and will greet you as soon as you wake up in the morning. The sea has been known as utterly inspiring to humankind for very many years, and it really isn’t hard to see why.

On clear and calm days it is quite possible to see all the way to Anglesey and even Ireland, should your eyesight be good enough!

The only caveat with The View By Blue Bay Homes is the fact that they are guaranteed to sell extremely quickly. Phase one of The View, a row of fantastic townhouses which is right next to the apartments site, sold within only a few months of being completed, so we can’t recommend enquiring about these fabulous apartments for sale in Colwyn Bay soon enough.