A Londoner’s 5-Step Guide to Home Security

Unlike New York and Tokyo or any other city that never shuts down, London fancies a good night’s sleep. If to all the heavy sleepers in UK’s capital we add the number of passionate travelers, we get millions of unguarded homes. Vis-à-vis easy targets for burglaries, The Big Old Smoke takes the cake.

Here’s how to master home security in London, in 5 easy steps.

  1. Add a Home Security System

A home without a security system is 3 times more likely to be broken into.

The stat is terrifying enough on its own, even if we forget the fact that the number of burglaries in London continues to increase every year. Adding a home security system is, therefore, your safest bet against thieves. Plus, it’s quite comforting to know that there’s a myriad of solutions to choose from.

Home security systems range from comprehensive, automated hubs to DIY solutions that rely on improvised alarms. The high-end (costly) part of the category offers 24/7 monitoring systems, trigger sensors, and a host of intuitive features, but even the cheapest alarm is better than no alarm at all.

  1. Reinforce Your Doors

With or without a home security system, make the exterior of your house hinges-free. Reinforce your French doors if you have them, install security film on all glass panes, and replace strike plates. Most importantly, doublecheck your doors for potential gaps between the door edges and the door frame.

  1. Upgrade Your Locks

Most door locks in London can be picked using DIY techniques including everyday items such as bobby pins, paper staples, and screwdrivers. True, more resistant locks are more expensive too, but should you really put a price on home security? To balance that out, hire a cheap locksmith London.

  1. Lock Your Windows

Aside from keeping your windows locked at all times, consider adding security bars and film that makes the glass much harder to break through. If you’re living on a ground level, install shutters and curtains to prevent burglars from “window shopping” and plant some thorny bushes near windows.

  1. Keep Your Patio Well-Lit

Motion-activated floodlights provide a brilliant solution against thieves, but if you’re not in a position to invest in some, then make sure that the outside area of your home is well-lit. The rule of thumb is to light it up enough that your neighbors can see a suspicious person within 30 meters of your home.

Remember, when it comes to your sound sleep and safe travels, no price is too high.