7 Unique Bedhead Designs That Are As Practical As They Are Stunning

The bedroom is one of the most important, if not the most essential, room in your house. It’s a place of sanctuary, peace and relaxation. So it is only equally important that you choose a bed that will give you that much needed sleep.

A lot of bedrooms interiors now follow a more Zen feel, wherein the style and furniture of choice is very minimalistic. The beds are usually just the ensembles with no headboards or bedheads. As much as they look very chic and totally simplistic, nothing beats having a nice cushioned bedhead that can comfortably secure the top of your head or comfortably hug your back when you’re reading in bed.

Before we look into the designs that you will totally fall in love with, here are some great ideas on bedheads for ensembles to match them with. Click here to get the shopping going!

Princess Type

If you want to feel like royalty, this is the perfect choice for the bedhead of your ensemble.

It would fit nicely on both single and double beds and any pastel coloured ensemble would go nicely with its overall design.

Complete the overall look with big pillows that can be a mix of square and rectangular shapes.

Classic Curves 

If you prefer a more contemporary bedroom look, you can opt for this classic and versatile bedhead design for your ensemble.

Typically comes in solid rubberwood and filled with soft foam, you can pair this sleek classy bedhead with a cream or tan coloured ensemble and matching covers.

The taller height of the bedhead gives a lot of room when sitting against in on top of the bed, making it very comfortable to lounge around with.

You can further decorate it with one long elongated pillow with alternating taller square pillows in a lighter or darker hue.

Black Velvet

For a sexy, luxurious vibe in the bedroom, choose a velvet bedhead for your ensemble in a darker shade like grey or black.

To give it a sleek look overall, you can match it with a greyish ensemble like this King Koil Terrassa Firm Ensemble, in either a patterned design or an all-black tweed style ensemble. You can check out more bedheads for ensembles on Domayne

Faux Leather

For those bachelor pads, a faux leather bedhead for an ensemble is a matching choice.

Its soft side enclosure on both ends provide a feeling of warm seclusion and comfort.

It is fuss-free material to maintain as well and the black faux leather has a nice cooling feeling in both warmer and colder seasons. You can put a matching foot bench at the end of the bed to complete the look.

Flirty in Prints

Bedhead designs also cater to the younger crowd and printed designs are great choices for your children’s bedrooms.

This bedhead can match any ensemble and gives extra security to your little tots when it’s nap or bedtime.

Typically cushioned well with soft foam, you will keep those soft cuddly heads protected at all times when they are sleeping.


If you are looking for a more unique shape, you can choose an oriental-inspired bedhead for your ensemble.

Similar to a clover leaf, this shape is not your typical bedhead design and will aesthetically become the focal point of the bedroom.

The wider bottom provides the perfect cushion for your head and back, while the higher middle section allows room for taller pillows.

Match the colours with earth tones and brighter ones, to strike that unique overall look of the bedhead and ensemble.

Beach Life

If you happen to be decorating a bedroom for your beach house, this seashell themed bedhead is a perfect match to your ensemble.

Its theme and colour will suit the overall design of the bedroom and will typically be made of mostly wood material.

You can match the duvet with the design of the bedhead to achieve the beach vibe of the room.

So whatever you prefer and whichever theme you are going for, there are many unique ideas to choose from when picking out bedheads for your ensembles. Just make sure they are sturdy and easy to maintain so you don’t need to re-upholster it any time soon.