6 tools making your packaging tasks a breeze

Packaging has to be done properly for making sure that the contents inside is safe & away from any kind of damages. Many tools are used for packaging different items. Some tools among them are part of almost all packaging processes. 6 most important tools that make packaging process efficient & effective are:

  1. Wraps
  2. Strapping systems
  3. Dunnage bag
  4. Boxes
  5. Tape dispensers
  6. Safety knives and cutters


They act as a protective film around items. This is used in almost all industries for keeping the products safe from outside elements. There are different kinds of wraps suiting different packaging needs. Two main wraps used are given below.

  • Shrink wrap
  • Stretch wrap

Shrink wrap

These wraps shrink and provide close lining of items. Wrapping using shrink wraps is done by following two steps. First the item to be wrapped is taken into the shrink wrap and sealed. Then blow drier is used to shrink the wrap to form a lining around the item inside.

Stretch wrap

Stretch wraps get stretched as its name indicates. They are used for keeping items or packages together. The packages or items to be packed together are kept collectively. Then the stretch wrap is used around the items – using some amount of stretching action – for packing them together.

Strapping systems

Straps are used to stabilize a system by binding items together. There are many kinds of strapping systems available in the market. Few are:

  1. Polypropylene strapping systems
  2. Polyester strapping systems
  3. Steel strapping systems

The above systems vary in the materials used in manufacturing strapping systems (the name of the strapping system indicates the same) and thereby vary in tensile strength & other qualities.

Dunnage bag

Dunnage bags are used to stabilize the packages while transporting them to distant places. These bags play a crucial role in avoiding road accidents. Many road accidents occur due to the falling of items getting transported. The dunnage bags have elastic compartments that can be filled with air when needed. They are blown up -to needed ratios- for filling gaps present in between packages kept inside trucks or other vehicles. This assists stabilization of packages in such a way that they do not fall off. Instead they stand properly in their allocated place. Dunnage Bags manufacturer in Malaysia offer you A-one dunnage bags for safe transportation of packed goods.


Packaging boxes are used highly & are demanded much. Boxes made of cardboard or other kinds of materials are used in packaging. Packaging boxes are available in the market in various sizes & shapes. This helps you in selecting the right box suiting your packaging needs finely.

Tape dispensers

Tape dispensers are used for easy access of tapes. Tapes are used to join two or more parts of packing material to make it one stable system. They ensure the safety of items inside & prevent falling out of materials inside. For example: They are used with box lids for fastening them together so that items inside box remain safe from outside entities.

Safety knives and cutters

Safety knives and cutters are used for segmenting packing tools (tools like tapes). They come in various varieties & strengths and are used based on the material to be segmented.

All above packaging related tools are made available in the Indian market through the Corrugated Packaging material suppliers in India . Packaging is a process that has to be done properly. You might be packing household items (as part of your moving process) or packaging products for your customers. Packaging has to be done with extreme care in both cases. Else chances are there that you incur loss due to unexpected damage of costly items. Understand the various tools well and get equipped with all essential packaging materials mentioned above for ensuring not only safety of items packed but also your customer-satisfaction.