6 Signs You Need AC Maintenance or Repair

This summer has been a hot one, with soaring temperatures putting a lot of burden on home air conditioners. That’s why AC repair in Houston, TX is in demand. How do you know when it’s time to schedule a maintenance or repair for your unit? You don’t want to spend money when you don’t have to, but on the other hand you also don’t want to get stranded for days without a working AC system. Here are some signs that your air conditioner may need maintenance or repair services:

  1. A higher power bill.

Electric bills tend to go up in the summer as people keep the AC going to beat the heat. However, an unexpected spike could be a sign of trouble. This can indicate that your AC unit is having to work a lot harder to do the job it used to be able to handle.

  1. The air isn’t cold.

There’s several things that can cause an AC to stop producing cold air. These range from malfunctioning thermostats to issues with the compressor. A repair technician can track down what’s gone wrong and let you know if it can be fixed.

  1. Weak or uneven air flow.

In this case, the air is cold but doesn’t come through steadily. It may come out in spurts or not be able to reach where it used to. For instance, farther rooms may not be getting the cold air. This can be caused by obstructions in the ducts or debris in the vents.

  1. Strange smells.

Does the air coming out of your AC smell like mold? It’s time to call a repair service. These mold spores are unhealthy to breathe and could spread throughout the house. This is also a sign that something is happening within the unit itself, such as mold growing in accumulated liquid.

  1. Strange noises.

Is your air conditioning running louder than it used to? This might mean that it’s struggling to work hard enough, or that something is caught in the fan. Another option is that some part may have come loose and is rattling around while the unit’s in operation.

  1. Moisture and dripping water.

Moisture can create a breeding ground for mold and damage your walls and floors. Dripping AC? This may indicate a problem with the drainage tube.

Call MET Plumbing for Your AC Needs

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