5 Ideas for Organizing Your New Apartment  

The apartments Dupont Circle has to offer are beautiful, spacious and perfect for young professionals. If you’ve just moved into your new apartment or are thinking about redecorating, you’ll appreciate these five ideas for organizing your apartment.

  1. Organize Smaller Items Inside Hanging Shoe Bags

Hanging shoe bags can be installed on doors without having to use any kind of hardware that could damage the door. Instead, two or three hooks at the top of the bag hang off of a bent holder that fits on top of the door, allowing it to open and close as usual. These hanging shoe bags are made to hold shoes, but they’re perfect for organizing smaller items like bathroom toiletries, craft supplies and even small kitchen tools.

  1. Organize the Refrigerator

Having a messy refrigerator can be very frustrating when you’re trying to retrieve items for cooking, or trying to plan a meal using ingredients you already have. How can you easily see what’s in your fridge when everything is haphazard? An easy way to organize the refrigerator is to place items in small and medium sized plastic baskets instead of on the shelves themselves. This way, you can group like items, such as sandwich supplies, and quickly pull out individual baskets to inspect contents.

  1. Make Extra Sheets Easy to Find

Some of the apartments Dupont Circle offers have 2-bedrooms. If you have more than one size of bed, like a full and a queen, it can be hard to figure out which sheets go to which bed. After you’re finished laundering your sheets, make extra sheets easy to find by folding them up and storing them with the bed. You can store extra sheets in between the mattress and the box spring so that you can easily retrieve the correct size when it’s time to change sheets.

  1. Organize Drawers With Silverware Trays

Drawers are often the things that get jumbled faster than anything else in an apartment home. Instead of wasting time searching for what you need, organize drawers with silverware trays. These trays come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll be sure to find ones that fit inside your drawers at your apartment. Use them to organize everything from pens and pencils, to spare change, hair accessories and more.

  1. Organize Clothes

One of the reasons it’s so pleasant to shop for clothes is because stores organize clothing according to size and color. You can achieve the same experience at home by doing the same in your closet. This will make it easier and faster to choose clothes every time you dress.

Now that you know have these five clever ideas for organizing your new apartment, you’ll be anxious to get started. Once you have everything organized, you’ll enjoy enjoy your apartment even more!