5 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Purchasing a home can be a significant milestone in your life, but you need to keep in mind that there is a lot of work involved in maintaining it. Being a homeowner means that you become a handyman and you will need to do everything possible to ensure that the small issues are fixed without calling in a professional.

However, for big renovations, it will make a lot of sense to call in a qualified and experienced contractor. Therefore, having a toolbox with all the essential tools is an excellent idea. You need to visit your nearest hardware store today if you don’t have a toolbox yet. Here are some of the essential tools that every homeowner should have in their toolbox.

Tape Measure

Almost every household repair task requires taking measurements and that is why your toolbox shouldn’t miss having a tape measure. Are you painting your living room or exterior door? You will need to know the size of the area that needs painting to know how many gallons of paint you will require. Re you replacing your dining table? You will need to take your door measurements to see whether your new table will fit. So, if you don’t have a tape measure, visit your nearest hardware store and get the 25-foot measuring tape.


Stretching and straining to reach the top shelf or bulb holders while changing your lights can pose a significant risk to your life. So, make sure you play it safe by having a stepladder in your home or apartment. While buying, make sure that you pay attention to the stepladder’s load capacity. Go for something that can support the weight of any person in your home who may want to use it. The ladder should also fold up easily and have a reasonable height.


There is nothing you can do about the plumbing issues in your home without a wrench. Clogged sink traps, stuck radiator valves, and dripping faucets all need the turning strength of a typical wrench if you want to fix the problems. Consider getting two, the larger monkey wrench and a crescent wrench in case you need to turn off a particular plumbing valve in case of an emergency in your home.


A good quality hammer will always be your number one tool in dealing with various household tasks such as hanging picture frames. You should consider acquiring a hammer that has a sturdy rip claw and a comfortable grip. Visit your nearest hardware store and purchaser a lightweight hammer that doesn’t weigh anything beyond 16 ounces.


A pair of pliers will provide you with that extra gripping power and the ability to grab minute things better than your fingers. A basic set of pliers that has wiring-cutting, tongue & groove, and needle nose pairs will generally cover all of your basic needs around your home.